Entry Requirements

How to sign in

If you are a Kedron-Wavell Services Club Inc Member simply show your current membership card to our Customer Relations team members as you enter.

If you are with a member they can sign you in as their Guest using their membership details.

If you are a member at a reciprocal Club (ie Broncos Leagues Club) you can sign in as a Reciprocal Member using those membership details.

If you are a visitor to the area and reside outside of a 15km radius you can sign in as a Visitor.

Alternatively if you do not fit into any of these categories above sign up and become a member for only $5.00.  To view the full list of member benefits click here.

Under Liquor Licensing legislation, minors (under the age of 18 years) must be accompanied by a responsible adult (parent or legal guardian) at all times.

Dress Regulations

The Kedron-Wavell Services Club Inc. has an enviable reputation for service, dress and behaviour standards.

Dress Regulations are to ensure that standards of comfort, safety, neatness, cleanliness and appearance are met.

Please be advised that the following items of clothing and accessories are not permitted to be worn in the Club at any time.


  • Singlets, tank tops or swimwear
  • Gym/exercise gear
  • Torn or dirty clothing
  • Provocative clothing and/or provocative slogans on clothing
  • Soiled sportswear
  • Bare feet
  • Hats or head wear are not permitted for males only (head wear only permitted for medical or religious grounds)

Management reserves the right to modify or change dress regulations without notice.

Management’s decision will be final and no further discussions will be entered into.

We thank patrons for abiding to the standard of Dress Regulations.

Become a member

Click here to find out how to become a member.