Everton Park Kindergarten : Where Children Come First

March 14th, 2018

Established in 1962, and with the wonderful support of families and the community, C&K Everton Park Kindergarten have formed a wonderful environment and well-resourced kindergarten.

Located in a quiet location, they are a single unit centre catering for 2 groups of children with a maximum of 25 in each group, attending a five-day fortnight at the centre.

A non-profit association, C&K Everton Park reinvest all funds back into the kindergarten to benefit the children.

Family involvement is actively encouraged through opportunities to share information about their child, culture and traditions, developing collaborative partnerships to support children’s learning, management of the centre by an elected Committee of parents, a parent roster when parents spend time with their child and the group, Grandparents’ Day, Working Parents’ morning and social functions.

Working Bee and Maintenance Rosters are also implemented, where parents work to keep the grounds and equipment safe. In addition to the family involvement, families form the management of the kindergarten, being involved in daily management decisions.

Learning through Play

Play is a child’s natural learning strategy, with research evidence suggesting that when children learn through play, they end up better at reading and other intellectual skills, and they are more likely to become well-adjusted healthy adults.

C&K Kindergartens offer a unique curriculum to guide kindergarten learning, known as Building Waterfalls. This internationally renowned frame-work promotes the importance of the early years in laying the foundation for success in life and learning.

A truly play based kindergarten where children, families and educators are involved in every day decision making, including curriculum, program, management & social occasions, C&K Everton Park value this concept & incorporate it in all aspects of the Kindergarten.

C&K Everton Park demonstrates respectful relationships and responsive interactions, a connection with the natural world, ongoing projects and investigations, relaxed, quiet and peaceful times, as well as active and energetic times, abundant resources and learning opportunities for children, not forgetting the spontaneous singing, laughter and joy.


At C&K Everton Park children, family and educators work together to ensure the best outcomes for the children, involving the whole family in the child’s learning by providing opportunities such as:

  • Roster days. Parents/ Grandparents can participate in a day at Kindy and experience what Kindy life is all about. This is especially fun on birthdays.
  • Working parents’ morning. For some parents, a day at Kindy just can’t fit in with working life, so to involve working parents, the Kindy is open to parents and children to visit on a Saturday morning.
  • Grandparent morning. Grandparents love to visit and so a morning is open where they can come and enjoy Kindy.
  • Social events. During the year, social events are fun for families to enjoy, such as Kindy Disco, Welcome BBQ’s and other fun activities.

A recipient of $1000 as part of the 2017 Community Grants Program, C&K Everton Park Kindergarten have used their funding towards the arborist fees for maintaining the large trees on the property, which is essential for safety of the children, staff and neighbours. Without this service, the play areas wouldn’t be a safe environment to play and enjoy.

For more information, visit http://epk.asn.au/