February 20th, 2018

More than 6000 women are diagnosed with gynecological cancer each year in Australia, and almost a third of these will not survive this disease.

Little is known about the support that women need during and after treatment. More research is needed to establish what the best treatments are, how we can prevent this deadly disease and ultimately, to find a cure.

Founded by Professor Andreas Obermair in January 2012, Cherish was established to generate funding for research and clinical trials that could be developed and implemented quickly to find kinder ways to treat women with gynecological cancer. Every year, Cherish commits funding to these clinical trials and valuable research for the sake of the women we cherish – our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, wives, fiances and friends. If they didn’t, the 5000 women who are diagnosed with gynaecological cancer each year in Australia are almost forgotten, as societal focus is not on this area of women’s bodies as much as it should.

The Club was happy to present Cherish with $2500 as part of the 2017 Community Grants Program, which they have put toward their goal. For women diagnosed with gynecological cancer,
it can be an incredibly daunting time filled with uncertainty and unanswered questions.

Visit for more information, donations or fundraising opportunities.

Applications for the 2018 Community Grants Program close on Wednesday 28th February 2018. Click here to submit your application today!